Show the world you're privacy compliant.

Wibson's platform helps your company comply with GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA. Manage your privacy program, prevent bad PR and hefty fines. Start your compliance path with your website, and in 5 minutes, make it a great example of how to handle privacy.


More than 100 companies already trust us

Compliance should't be a stopper, let Wibson work on it for you

Show Compliance

Comply is not enough, you need also to show you are complying. Wibson allows you to get consents and documentation to prove it making easier in case of Audits

Prevent hefty fines

LGPD fines can be up to 50M Reais. Continue your business and don't worry about it. While using Wibson platform, you will don't have to pay any fine, if happens, we will pay it!

Use Privacy as a diferentiator

Prevent bad PR, get new clients and maintain actual ones by implementing a good privacy program. Get up to 1,8x of ROI over you privacy investment


Consent Management

Our banner blocks third-party scripts until you receive explicit consent from your users (works for apps and websites).

DSR Management (Data Subject Request)

Easily manage and automate your data requests with our DSR manager.

Consent Log

Wibson allows you to get consents and documentation to prove compliance on potential audits.

Policy Management

Monitor and manage your cookie and privacy policies

Data Governance

Create and centralize Privacy Impact Assessments and risk management.


Wibson Privacy Open API allows you to implement thousands of cookie banners in minutes. Are you a nocode platform? Integrate privacy solutions for your clients!

Privacy Law Alerts

Get Privacy alerts including changes in the regulation, privacy fines and new compliance best practices