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Make your website compliant with GDPR regulations in just 5 minutes.

Making your website compliant with data privacy laws shouldn't be a problem.

With Wibson you can solve this in minutes

We analyze your website

Our systems categorize your cookies and analyze overall compliance with data laws.

Attach your privacy and cookie policy

Dont worry! If you dont have these documents yet, you can create them using our platform.

Copy and past the HTML code in your website's code

You're done! Your website now complies with GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA.

Our Solution

Platform Features

Our platform offers your business the neccesary tools to begin the data privacy compliance journey

Third party blocking


Our banner displays consent options in english, spanish, and portuguese automatically, If your user cant understand the notice, then their consent is not valid.

Data rights

Give your users the ability to request removal and treatment of their own personal information managed by your company.


Change the colors and display format of your banner to match your website's design.

Consent Optimization

Wibson automatically displays and enforces the correct consent requirements based on the geolocation of each user.


You can add the banner to as many sites as you want.

Cookie and Privacy Policy creator

No need for expensive lawyers! Create your own custom privacy and cookie policy with our platform.

Admin Panel

Opt-out Management

Manage Opt-outs efficiently

An Opt-out is a removal request from someone you store data on to your organization. The person in charge of responding to these requests will receive alerts and be given monthly reports about their performance.

Cookie Consent Management

Store every consent

Consent logs are stored in an encrypted database and can be used as proof of consent in case of an audit.


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